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Enhance your home’s curb appeal with our professional stucco services. Our experienced team ensures top-quality craftsmanship, improving your property’s insulation, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Trust us to deliver a beautiful and lasting finish that adds value to your home.

We invest in our employees' training to ensure they have the skills required to deliver top-notch stucco services in Hayward, CA. We have a team of certified and licensed professionals who are knowledgeable about stucco installation and repair. Our team continuously undergoes training to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the stucco industry.

Our stucco company is committed to providing our clients with affordable and transparent pricing. We provide our clients with a detailed quote that outlines the services we will provide before beginning any project. We also offer flexible payment options to help our clients meet their budget goals while still receiving quality services.

Our Team is Highly Trained

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Our clients are our top priority. We provide our clients with exceptional customer service and support throughout their projects. We keep our clients informed of the progress of their projects, offer them professional advice on their stucco needs, and answer any questions they may have. Our goal is to ensure our clients are delighted with their new stucco addition.

Ready to elevate your home’s exterior? We offer personalized, high-quality stucco services tailored to meet your needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures your satisfaction. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our expertise can transform your property. Let us help you achieve the stunning, durable finish you’ve always wanted. We’re excited to work with you and bring your vision to life!

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5/5 Customer rating


5/5 Customer rating

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One of the main benefits of stucco is its durability. Stucco is strong, long-lasting, and able to withstand various weather conditions like rain, hail, and snow. Stucco finish is composed of cement, water, and sand, which creates a solid and robust surface capable of protecting your home's exterior. Stucco also offers fire resistance, which makes it the perfect choice for wildfire regions.


Low Maintenance

Stucco is a low-maintenance option for your home exterior. The stucco finish is incredibly consistent, and it doesn't require regular cleaning, unlike other exterior options. It's also relatively easy to repair and requires little to no upkeep, which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who have busy schedules.


Aesthetic Appeal

Stucco offers a large range of colors and textures that homeowners can use to customize their homes. The unique look of stucco can help homeowners to blend in or stand out in their neighborhood. The aesthetic appeal of stucco provides the opportunity to increase property value, leave a lasting impression, and add curb appeal.


Energy Efficiency

With the rising cost of energy, homeowners are looking for an exterior solution that offers excellent insulation. Stucco is an excellent insulant as it keeps temperatures stable; it's also sturdy and robust to reduce air leakage. Our stucco services intend to prevent high energy bills, reduce noise levels, and regulate temperature control.


Competitive Pricing

Our transparent pricing structure ensures clarity and value, with no hidden costs. We optimize efficiency to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your budget requirements while exceeding your expectations for craftsmanship and service. Trust our team to provide exceptional stucco services that enhance your property's value and beauty affordably.


Reliable and Timely Service

We adhere to strict timelines and project schedules to ensure on-time completion without compromising quality. Our proactive communication keeps you informed throughout the process, minimizing disruptions and delivering consistent, professional service. Count on us for reliable solutions that enhance your property efficiently and effectively, making your stucco experience stress-free and satisfying.



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Stucco Installation

Stucco installation is an excellent option if you're looking for durability, cost-efficiency, and versatility. Stucco installation is best for the exteriors of your home, which provides long-lasting protection for your home against harsh weather conditions. Our stucco installation team takes full responsibility for ensuring that the stucco material is properly applied. Additionally, we use high-quality materials that meet industry standards, providing you with peace of mind knowing your stucco will last for years to come.

Stucco Replacement

Stucco replacement is necessary when the existing stucco has become outdated, cracked, or dampened. Replacing stucco means stripping your old stucco down to the wall and then applying a new layer of stucco material. Our team is highly-skilled and reliable, minimizing the downtime required for this activity. When you choose to replace your old stucco with us, we assure you that the final product will be both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Stucco Repair

Stucco repair is a crucial service that can prevent problems in the future. When left unrepaired, stucco problems can cause bigger concerns, such as water penetration, meaning your home is no longer protected. Repairs are done primarily on the exterior of the home, where the stucco is applied, and mostly on the surface where damage has occurred. Our team of professionals will diagnose the exact problems and come up with the best repair solution that is suitable for your unique needs.

Stucco Redashing

Over time, stucco can develop cracks, chips, or stains due to exposure to weather, moisture or physical damage. We offer stucco redashing services in Hayward, CA to restore the integrity and appearance of your home's exterior. The process involves removing the damaged stucco layers, applying a new layer of bonding agent, and then adding a fresh coat of stucco finish. Our skilled technicians have the expertise and equipment to ensure that the new stucco layer adheres properly to the underlying substrate, providing a durable and seamless finish. With our redashing services, you can give your home a modern and fresh look while also improving its resistance to water infiltration and energy efficiency.

Stucco Painting

Sometimes, you don't need to remove the entire stucco to revamp your home's aesthetics. In such cases, we offer stucco painting as an option to spruce up your home's appearance. Our team of experienced painters will work with you to choose the right color and finish that complements your home's existing style and decor. We use high-quality paint designed specifically for stucco surfaces that provide long-lasting protection against the elements and minimal maintenance. Stucco painting can also help improve the energy efficiency of your home by providing an extra layer of insulation against heat and cold. Our stucco painting services are affordable and hassle-free, allowing you to achieve a fresh new look for your home in no time.

Stucco Removal

If you've had enough of stucco or want to change to a different siding material, we offer stucco removal services that ensure the safe and efficient removal of your old stucco. Stucco removal involves stripping off the existing stucco layers, repairing any damages to the substrate, and replacing it with the siding material of your choice. Our team of experts will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine and no damage to your home's underlying structure. Stucco removal can be an extensive process, but we'll make sure to complete the job within the agreed timeline and budget.

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